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Personal growth, development and actualization through personalized training in the classical art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.


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About Us:

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that focuses on using simple, practical and effective movements at close range to defend against a stronger person.

Wing Tsun Kwoon is focused on helping people on their own personal growth, development and actualization, through personalized training in the classical art of Wing Tsun, using an effective curriculum taught by qualified instructors.



820 N. Orleans St., Suite 100

Chicago, Illinois 60610 (inside HiFi Fitness)


Saturday: 9:00am to 11:00am

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All prospective members are welcome to try out our General Classes completely free-of-charge with no obligations.

Just apply for a spot on our next free trial enrollment through our website.  Once you receive confirmation, you can attend all of our classes for two consecutive weeks starting from the date of your first class.


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Atillo Balintawak Eskrima at Wing Tsun Kwoon

With the approval of GGM Atillo and Master Dalan, we are pleased to share with all of you a short video of Atillo Balintawak Eskrima training at Wing Tsun Kwoon. On March 3, 2017, Great Grandmaster Crispulo Atillo and Master Derrick Dalan...

Enjoy the Wing Tsun Moment

As a Wing Tsun practitioner, I am learning to enjoy the Wing Tsun moment. What does this mean you might ask? It starts with being relaxed. You will not be able to enjoy the moment if you are tense. I imagine being like a sponge.I keep my limbs soft so that my opponent...

WTK Outdoor Reactions Man Sau Module

Our WTK members have access to our private WTK Curriculum site where they can view our curriculum, forms, drills and modules.  Our WTK modules are organized to allow for graduated learning of fundamentals, building upon each module to advanced sensitivity. Your first...