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Enjoy the Wing Tsun Moment

As a Wing Tsun practitioner, I am learning to enjoy the Wing Tsun moment. What does this mean you might ask? It starts with being relaxed. You will not be able to enjoy the moment if you are tense. I imagine being like a sponge.I keep my limbs soft so that my opponent...

WTK Outdoor Reactions Man Sau Module

Our WTK members have access to our private WTK Curriculum site where they can view our curriculum, forms, drills and modules.  Our WTK modules are organized to allow for graduated learning of fundamentals, building upon each module to advanced sensitivity. Your first...

Be Safe, Be Aware

Be Safe, Be Aware

With the start of the new academic year and students starting and returning to classes, safety on and around Campus is a real concern among students and parents. Helping people be safe is a primary goal of our Chicago-based self-defense and martial arts organization,...

Self Awareness in Self Defense

I have written about the concept of "being aware" in self-defense and it is certainly a topic worth blogging about again.The more I learn about different self-defense moves in Wing Tsun and other martial arts, my observation is that the most simple moves that you can...

The Human Connection in Wing Tsun

  Wing Tsun practitioners tend to be livelong learners of this martial arts because it is more than the technical skills that one learns. There are psychosocial, emotional, and intellectual benefits of Wing Tsun that separates it from other martial arts. I have...