WTK Beginner Level Sensitivity Drill Part 2

Send it away as it goes, if the way is free strike.  Continuing our basic sensitivity drill, SiFu Ray Jurado performs the “blocks” while stepping backwards.  The Beginner Level Student (Barry) yields to the opposing force, then steps forward and attacks along the centerline when the way is free.  Our basic chasing drill develops the sensitivity to move forward when the way is free and the coordination of the upper and lower body to attack with balance and stability.

WTK Beginner Level Sensitivity Drill Part 1

Stay with what comes.  It is important to develop sensitivity early in Wing Tsun training.  In this video, SiFu Ray Jurado is “blocking” the Beginner Student’s (Barry Au – training with us for 5 consecutive weeks) centerline punches with different types of force.  Our basic “block” drill helps a Beginner Level Student to develop the sensitivity to yield to the opposing force and automatically attack along the centerline where appropriate.