Wing Tsun is good exercise for not only your body but your brain cells too!

Here are some reasons why:

1. Our footwork is all about using angles to take advantage of our opponents.  For example, when confronted by your opponent in front of you,  stepping at a 45 degree angle away from your opponent may be all you need to get out of harm’s way and allow you to launch your offensive move. So “dust off” those mathematical brain cells and use angles to outwit your attacker.

2. There is no “weaker side” of the body  when it comes to Wing Tsun training. You practice fighting with your right and left limbs so that you can fight your opponent no matter what direction your opponent comes at you. Your brain cells are busy in getting your muscle memory to  handle this type of training. As a result, you learn to be both defensive and offensive simultaneously. Watch your attacker retreat when he finds that he can not handle what you throw at him.

3. Wing Tsun is all about sensitivity and reflex. If your opponent is trying to overtake your protected centerline, your brain neurons will immediately fire as you instantly react to your opponent’s attempts to get through.

Here’s to a fit brain.

For other ideas on self-defense using Wing Tsun, check out some of my tips and techniques in “Wing it, Wing Tsun: Self-Defense for Women” available on