Worth the wait

All good things come to those who wait. Wing tsun is one martial arts that demands patience from the student and teaches one to learn patience. Over the years. I have often thought like you perhaps,

How long will it take me to get a “springy” bong sau

How long will it take for me to become sensitive to my opponent’s touch?

How long will it take for me to get a move into my muscle memory?

I am finding, the journey is worth the wait.




WTK Beginner Level Reaction Drills

We have created several WTK Beginner Level Reaction Drills in order to help our students develop their sensitivity to the different forces they will encounter during a fight.  The Reaction Drills begin with the Lap Sau cycle.  In this particular video, the Attacker’s punch is not moving towards the center.  Instead, the punch is moving towards the Defender’s shoulder.  The Defender feels this force and the Attacker’s punch creates the Defender’s Tan Sau movement.  In addition, the Defender’s Wu Sau thrusts forward since the way is free.  Finally, the Defender follows through with a Pak Da.

Light Bulb Moments

Occasionally, I get light bulb moments in wing tsun… such as,

Why am I still a wing tsun fanatic after a decade of training? I can easily think of 5 good reasons.

  1. I like the fact that this martial arts was created by a woman and works for women like me, ie. not the perfect size woman.
  2. I can finally apply what I learned in geometry to my footwork.
  3. Wing tsun is so efficient that I can fight without breaking into a sweat or messing my hair.
  4. My arms are now in great shape by just practicing my punching. How many hundreds of punches can you do in 1 minute?
  5. Wing tsun gives me tools to become empowered on the street. Isn’t that we  women all want?