Being Centered with the Centerline Theory in Wing Tsun


The centerline theory is a fundamental principle in how we fight in Wing Tsun. From the beginning, we are taught to always protect our center because that is where all our important organs are (heart, throat, eyes, nose, etc). On the other hand, when we attack, we are taught to hit our opponent’s center because that is where they are most vulnerable. Thus, through punches, pak sao, tan sao, bong sao, and other wing tsun moves, we work our way in to hit our target.

Over the years, learning to go for the center has taught me other lessons. It has taught me to focus on reaching my goal and if get de-railed for a second, I can regain my center. If situations cause a shift in my life, I can re-direct my energies to get back on point and be centered. My centerline theory.