Distancing Yourself in Self-Defense

Every woman has an unspoken specific boundary for which no unwanted stranger should cross. If THAT someone gets too close for your comfort, what should you do? Avoiding physical contact is the first line of defense, so use your assertive verbal skills to tell the stranger to stop their advancement into your personal comfort zone. However, If he ignores your request and continues to intimidate, be the one to take the initiative and take control.

In Wing Tsun, we talk about the magnetic circle surrounding us. If an unwanted individual enters it, you have the right to protect yourself. Your opponent will expect you retreat. Don’t! At the very sign of aggression towards you, move forward like a “magnet” to defend yourself. In getting closer to your opponent, you have the ability to kick, punch, elbow, or do what is necessary to protect yourself because you will be in control.

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