One of a woman’s best self-defense move is knowing how to punch. Punching, as we know,  comes naturally to kids, so there is no reason why a women  can not train that natural instinct to use punching as a way to protect herself.

Wing Tsun punching is effective and powerful for those situations where the fight  is close up. In addition, there are other reasons why this type of punching is beneficial for women to learn:

There is only one punch to learn  and practice. There are no jabs, crosses, or uppercuts. Simple punching but very effective!

To learn the punch, you don’t even need to turn your fist. The punch is vertical.

The punch moves in one direction – forward, straight, and to the centerline of the person.  This is very efficient and productive. Since the punch is direct, it is hard to deflect immediately because it is not easily seen by your opponent.

A key element to Wing Tsun punching is using both arms to punch which is called chain punching. With training, you can get your punches to move in rapid succession towards your opponent’s face. This flurry of strikes coming at your opponent will make him want to protect himself or get a lot of pain inflicted.

Give it a shot.