SiFu Ray and Si-Hing Allan would like to thank SiFu Carson Lau for the intensive 5-day Wing Tsun training last week. 

Day 1:  Si-Hing Allan took a private lesson with SiFu Lau to review his Biu Tze form.

Day 2:  SiFu Ray and Si-Hing Allan took a private lesson with SiFu Lau on the form, principles and application of Biu Tze Chi Sao Section 1.

Day 3:  SiFu Ray took a private lesson with SiFu Lau on the Chi Gerk program.

Day 4:  SiFu Ray and Si-Hing Allan attended the Black Shirt (Instructor) training given by SiFu Lau, where they worked on the form, principles and application of Chi Sao Sections 3 and 6.

Day 5:  Si-Hing Allan took a private lesson with SiFu Lau on Chi Sao Section 7 and Biu Tze Chi Sao Sections 2 to 4.  Later that day, Si-Hing Allan also attended the group class given by SiFu Lau at the CWTA Northfield, IL branch, where they worked on the “gardening” drill (chasing program) of the 1st Chi Sao Section.

SiFu Ray Jurado

I have been studying WingTsun for 9 years. I have been a part of the CWTA for over 1 year.  SiFu Lau’s knowledge and skill as the Chief Instructor of CWTA have been an inspiration to me and my training.  This particular seminar covered advanced Chi Sao, where SiFu Lau really emphasized the understanding of correct form, leading to effective application.  As SiFu Lau is of moderate height, you can really see how amazingly effective WingTsun can be when applied correctly.  I would like to thank SiFu Lau for visiting Chicago to teach and advise our schools.  We are proud to be a part of the CWTA.

Si-Hing Allan Sargan

I really appreciate how open Sigung is with teaching Wing Tsun to the members of the Carson Wing Tsun Academy (CWTA).  Whenever he sees that a student has progressed in his/her training and is ready for the next step, he will not hesitate to teach the student the next program on the CWTA curriculum.  I asked him sometime ago why he doesn’t hold back and he said that he doesn’t know what might happen to him the following day.  So while he can teach, he will transfer his decades of knowledge and understanding of Wing Tsun to the members of CWTA.  He teaches each CWTA member the form, principle, and application of the different Wing Tsun movements the same way he learned and taught it in Hong Kong.  Whenever I visit CWTA headquarters, it is great to be able to train with my Si-Hings, Si-Dais, Si-Je, and Si-Mui in Canada without the need to learn the way they drill a movement/section, because we all perform them the same way.  This is true for all the branches in the CWTA family. Last week, Sigung evaluated and corrected my Biu Tze form and taught me all four Biu Tze Chi Sao sections.  Sigung pays attention to detail when he teaches.  He watched me closely as I performed the movement and corrected me immediately when I made a mistake.  He wants me to learn, understand and retain the lesson.  He answered my questions regarding the principle/concept, form and/or application of the movement he was teaching.  This made the training a lot more value-added than just learning a series of forms/sections.  I would like to thank Sigung for teaching me all of these materials in a short period of time.  It is now my responsibility to take what I learned from Sigung and train it hundreds of times with the help of my SiFu, Si-Bak, and Si-Hings here in Chicago.

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