Last week SiFu Ray and Si-Hing Allan met with SiFu Carson Lau (Chief Instructor of the CWTA) and SiFu Steve Chan (Head Instructor of CWTA Evanston, IL branch) to discuss the new CWTA Chicago, IL branch that we will be opening in the near future.

Wing Tsun Kwoon presented the business plan, financial projections and potential locations of the new branch.  After the presentation, SiFu Lau discussed the terms of the CWTA branch as well as the CWTA branch rules.  SiFu Steve provided insight into running a branch in the Chicagoland area and gave SiFu Ray and Si-Hing Allan advice on starting up the new branch.  Both SiFu Lau and SiFu Steve agreed with SiFu Ray, Si-Hing Dave and Si-Hing Allan’s plan and will be supporting them in opening the new CWTA branch in the city of Chicago.

We are very excited that we have an agreement and will now be focused on the next steps of our plan (i.e. incorporation, financing, location, schedule, curriculum, etc.).  We will continue updating our blog with our progress.  If you are interested in becoming a student at Wing Tsun Kwoon, please fill out the contact information at the “Contact” tab of our website.