SiFu Ray Jurado

Si-Hing David Stevens

Si-Hing Allan Sargan

SiFu Ray, Si-Hing Dave and Si-Hing Allan met today to discuss the next step of the plan.  They will be incorporating the business and bootstrapping the start-up.  In evaluating the potential branch locations, they used their research to narrow the different areas within the city of Chicago where their target demographics live.  The next step of the search is to call and set-up meetings with the different locations and determine if they suit our needs/requirements.

SiFu Ray showed Si-Hings Dave and Allan the draft of the curriculum.  All we can say is that this curriculum focuses on the understanding of the principles/concepts of Wing Tsun, then provide the students with the tools to learn the movements/forms/sections and apply them effectively!  SiFu Ray will continue fine tuning the curriculum and Si-Hing Dave will determine the best approach for implementation.

There is A LOT of work ahead, but we have the knowledge, experience, skills, drive, and commitment to make Wing Tsun Kwoon successful and provide our clients with a service that meets/exceeds their expectations!