SiFu Carson Lau visited Chicago from 31May2013 to 02Jun2013 to train the Instructors of Wing Tsun Kwoon.  One of the benefits of being a part of the Carson Wing Tsun Academy (CWTA) is direct access to training by SiFu Carson Lau, the highest ranked and most experienced Wing Tsun Instructor in North America.

DAY 1:

  • SiFu Lau taught several hours of one-on-one private lessons with the Instructors of Wing Tsun Kwoon, where he reviewed the following:
    • SiFu Ray’s Biu Tze Chi Sau Sections 1 to 4 Forms and Applications
    • Si-Hing Dave’s Chi Sau Sections 5 and 6
    • Si-Hing Allan’s Biu Tze Form and Biu Tze Chi Sau Sections 1 to 4 Forms

DAY 2:

  • SiFu Lau gave an Instructor Training group lesson that focused on the first twelve (12) lessons taught to a new student.  Each lesson focused on the methodology of instructing the new student on how to perform Wing Tsun movements and drills, to ensure that the new student has a solid Wing Tsun foundation.
  • SiFu Lau and the Directors of Wing Tsun Kwoon met to discuss the status of the new CWTA Chicago Branch and made sure that all of the CWTA Branch processes are clear.
  • SiFu Lau knows how challenging it is to run a Wing Tsun School during the first few years, so he gave the Directors of Wing Tsun Kwoon a lot of very good advice on how to successfully run the new CWTA Branch.

SiFu Lau WTK 6


DAY 3:

  • SiFu Lau visited the new CWTA Chicago Branch.  He said that it was a very good space for training and that he hopes that the people in downtown Chicago discover the benefits of training in Wing Tsun, whether its for their health, fitness and/or self-defense.  He wishes Wing Tsun Kwoon all the best and hopes to see a lot of students at the new CWTA Branch.

SiFu Lau WTK 2

 SiFu Lau WTK 1

SiFu Lau WTK 3

SiFu Lau WTK 4


We would like to thank SiFu Carson Lau for visiting Chicago to ensure that SiFu Ray, Si-Hing Dave, and Si-Hing Allan are calibrated to the same high quality teaching standards set by SiFu Lau.  We really appreciated SiFu Lau imparting his business knowledge to us based on his years of experience in running a successful Wing Tsun School.

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