It is the little things that make wing tsun work or not work for you!

When working with a partner, the level of precision in “attacks” dictates how the “responder” will respond. You need to know what response you want to get when you punch in a specific way. For example, If you want a tan sao response from your partner, go for the punch that goes towards the shoulder, not the centerline.

The uncertain punch that is off center will elicit a different response. You will not get the bong sao that you were expecting from your defender because your intentions were not clear.

Similarly, if your punch is high in your partner’s face instead of the intended mid-line, don’t be surprised if you find your soft spot in your ribs are attacked.Your smart partner may detect a “hole”in your attack and take advantage of your misguided punch.

Remember, the devil in Wing Tsun is all about the details!