It’s been a very busy two weeks since our last update.

  1. Updated our website to include the following:

We are not about the money. It doesn’t mean that we don’t charge fees – obviously we still need to pay the rent and overhead expenses.  However, instead of taking more profit for ourselves, our company re-invests its profits back to the school through purchasing additional Wing Tsun training equipment, training of current instructors, and educational support for all our members.

We don’t do contracts. We don’t do external billing companies. We don’t do program “upgrades”, and we don’t treat our members as income streams.  We are here to help and support YOUR growth, not the other way around.

  1. Incorporated Wing Tsun Kwoon as an Illinois Limited Liability Company.
    • We are now officially a business entity registered in Illinois!
  2. Finalized drafts of our Wing Tsun curriculum, syllabus and lesson plans.
    • Sifu Ray has been meticulously working on the curriculum, syllabus and lesson plans.  It is currently out for final peer review by Si-Hing Dave and Si-Hing Allan.
    • Si-Hing Dave is currently creating a visual diagram of our approach to the Wing Tsun Kwoon curriculum.  He is also working on the community, accountability, and support system that is integral to the implementation of the Wing Tsun Kwoon curriculum.
  3. Received go ahead from the Landlord to announce the location and schedule of our classes to our potential students while the rental agreement is being finalized.
    • We are going to be located at 711 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60654.
    • Here are some pictures of the facility:

 gym picture 1

gym picture 9

gym picture 11

gym picture 7

gym picture 12

gym picture 4

We also got the okay from the Landlord regarding the installation of a Wing Tsun Wooden Dummy and several Wing Tsun Wall Bags!  We are hoping to have these ready before we open.

  1. Finalized the type of general liability insurance coverage and the insurance company.
    • We wanted to ensure that all participants during our training are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.
  2. Finalized decision on the business scheduling and management software we will use.
    • We are going to integrate Zen Planner ( in our website.  This will enable our students to register/enroll, schedule a class, check-in class, pay online for tuition/membership/uniform/seminars/privates, and track their performance/skills.
    • This system is still being configured and tested, so it is still not active at our website.  We will let you know when the system is operational.

There is still A LOT of work ahead of us before we can open our new branch.  Rest assured that we will be giving it our best to ensure that we provide quality Wing Tsun instruction and excellent customer service.  Our target grand opening is on June 18, 2013!  If you are interested in attending class at Wing Tsun Kwoon, please email us at