I have written about the concept of “being aware” in self-defense and it is certainly a topic worth blogging about again.The more I learn about different self-defense moves in Wing Tsun and other martial arts, my observation is that the most simple moves that you can execute in no more than a second are the only moves you will remember in a threatening situation. In your arsenal of efficient and effective self-defense moves, choose what you are most confident in doing but repeat the moves over and over and over until it gets in your DNA and become automatic. In your process of learning, you will become stronger and be able to synchronize your moves. In a threatening situation, use your nerves of steel, assert yourself by executing your moves with all your might, and finish off your aggressor!

Here are the key concepts one more time!

S – imple to do
E – fficient to implement
L – earn
F – inish off your aggressor

A – utomatic
W – ing Tsun
A – ssert yourself
R- epeat, repeat, repeat
E – ffective
N- erves of steel
E – xecute with all your might
S- nchronize your moves
S -trength