SiFu Ray, SiSok David and SiSok Allan would like to thank SiFu Carson Lau for the intensive Wing Tsun training from October 4th to 7th.

  • Day 1:  SiSok David took a private lesson with SiFu Lau to review his Chi Sau Sections 4 to 6 forms, learn Chi Sau Section 7, and go through Chi Sau Sections 4 to 6 applications.

David 7SC 2David 7SC 1

“Thank you SiFu Lau for the private lessons and group seminar.  During my private lesson, SiFu Lau trained me on the form of Chi Sau Section 7 and the applications of Chi Sau Sections 4 to 6.  It was an eye-opener to understand how these Sections are applied!  SiFu Lau can execute any of the movements from these Sections at will and showed me how the movements in these Sections are all connected depending on what force/pressure is coming/going to/from you.  He didn’t just ask me to try and apply the movements right away.  He had set drills focusing on how to apply a specific movement from a Section and once I can perform the drill properly, he would then ask me to try and apply the movement during free Chi Sau.  It was a great lesson.” – SiSok David Williams

  • Day 2:  SiFu Ray took a private lesson with SiFu Lau on the form, principles and application of Wooden Dummy Chi Sau Sections 4 to 8.

Ray WD 3

Ray WD 4

Ray WD 2

“Thank you to SiFu Lau for his recent visit to Chicago.  I am grateful to learn the remaining Wooden Dummy sections.  The wooden dummy section training was a full body workout!  Grueling, but very rewarding!  The Wooden Dummy 7th Section was a killer!  After years of hard work and perseverance, I have finally completed the empty hand system.

The next day, SiFu Lau’s seminar was a great review of 3rd through 5th Chi Sau Sections.  There is always something to learn each time SiFu Lau comes to Chicago.  Proficiency with 3rd Section Chi Sau applications is essential for free fighting!

The end of the day saw two new primary technicians, Rob and Bill! The testing was brutal, from forms to multiple opponents. They definitely earned it!  I am looking forward to testing for my 3rd TG.” – SiFu Ray Jurado


  • Day 3:  SiFu Ray, SiSok David and SiSok Allan attended the group seminar at the CWTA Evanston Branch where SiFu Lau taught Chi Sau Section 3 applications, circle step footwork applications, and heavy bag chain punch drills.  After the seminar, they helped during the 1st TG testing of Rob Meyer and Bill Ng.

CWTA Seminar






CWTA Technicians

  • Day 4:  SiSok Allan took a private lesson with SiFu Lau on the entire wooden dummy form.  Later that night, SiSok Allan attended the group training given by SiFu Lau at the CWTA Northfield Branch, where they worked on the application of Chi Sau Section 2 and the chasing program of Chi Sau Section 1.

Allan WD 1

Allan WD 2

“I would like to thank SiFu Lau for teaching me all 116 movements of the Wooden Dummy form during his visit to Chicago.  The focus of my training was on properly executing the movements and its sequence.  Not only were the wooden dummy movements physically challenging, I also needed to concentrate on associating these movements to a specific count (i.e. Chai Sut Gerk is step 50).

Once I can perform the movements properly and in the correct sequence, Sifu Lau will go through the theory/principle(s) of each movement and then train me on how to generate both power and speed.

Not only is learning the Wooden Dummy form a significant milestone in my Wing Tsun journey, I am very fortunate to learn it from SiFu Lau who is one of the highest ranking Wing Tsun Practitioner in the world .

It was also great spending time with SiFu Lau going to different Chicago restaurants and landmarks.  I always enjoy talking with SiFu Lau, whether it’s about Wing Tsun, family, business, etc.  I look forward to seeing him again soon“.  – SiSok Allan Sargan