Finding the right martial arts for Baby Boomers can be daunting since our bodies are not quite the same as when we were 20. Yes, there are a little more “physical challenges” at our age, but these are the reasons why Wing Tsun works for baby boomers.

Wing Tsun is an efficient energy saving martial arts. You don’t move unnecessarily.

If you have two left feet, you don’t even make a step with the first form. So, if you lack coordination with legs and arms, not a problem.

Yes! There are ONLY three forms to learn. Less is definitely more.

No worries if you are a slow learner. Slow is better in learning wing tsun movements. It makes your form even better.

There are no high kicks. You can do more damage by scraping down the shin.

Instead of bumping into obstacles, wing tsun footwork teaches you to circle around obstacles, literally. That is as fancy as it gets with footwork.

Protecting the center of our body is really quite instinctive as that is where our head and other vital organs are. Wing Tsun teaches you to do it better because that is what wing tsun is all about.